Event Groups

Similar Events can be shown on the same platform list by assigning them to an Event Group.
For example, if you want to group Webinars together, you can create a new Event Group record named Webinars in Salesforce. Then when you create a Event record for a Webinar, set the Event Group lookup = Webinar. Keep reading to find out more!

Event Group Fields

Each Event Group record contains an Event Group URL field that shows all Events that are associated to that specific Event Group.

Initial Configuration

  • Add the Event Group field to the Event page layout
  • Add the Event Group URL field to the Event Group page layout

Default Event Group

An Event Group record with the Default field checked will be the main Event Group page for all events, unless a different group is defined on the Event.
Only one Event Group record can be saved with the Default field checked.

All Events that are marked Visible will automatically be added to the Default Event Group without needing to manually define the Event Group field on the Event.

  • Note: The Visible field only works for a Default Event Group. When using a Non-Default Event Group, regardless of visible being checked, the event will still show on the list.

Creating an Event Group

  1. Navigate to the Event Group tab and click "New" to create a new Event Group.
  2. Fill in the Event Group Name.
  3. Enable the Default checkbox if you want this Event Group to be added to all Events by default.
  4. Primary Color - This is a hex value and will control the colors that are displayed on the event group.
  5. Logo URL - We support SVG files for uploading an image for Event Groups. This will ensure any resolution image used will display properly on the Event Group. This image will be displayed in the top-left corner of the event group. Please see our documentation on Images for more information.
  6. Determine what experience you want an end user to see using the UI Experience picklist.
    • Calendar - will display a calendar view with events marked by date.
    • List - will display a list view with events sorted by date.
  7. Filter Fields (Category, Date, Distance, and Time) you'd like to display.

Next, navigate to an Event and define the Event Group.

Make sure the Visible field on Event is checked, otherwise it won't show up on the Event Group listing.

Lastly, click on the Event Group URL and you will see all your grouped events! :sunglasses:

If you would like a featured event at the top of the page, navigate to one of your events in the group and check the Featured field.

Notice the "Checkout 2.0 Test" is our Featured Event for this Event Group!

Name, Description, and Image

If you would like to provide a different overview image with additional information about the group then define the description and image URL fields.

Event Sorting

By default, we provide different types of event sorting within your event group.


Through the Event Group URL click Sort By and select Distance. This provides the events in order, closest to you.


Through the Event Group URL click Sort By and select Date. This will sort the events by closest start date.

Date Range

This allows you to select a custom range of dates.


In the Event Group URL select an option from the Category drop-down field.

Filtered Event Sorting

There is a field on the Event Group record called, "Filter Fields". When this is defined, certain filters will be hidden.

When customers are viewing the Event Group, if you selected only "Distance", they will be prompted (if the request for access is enabled) to turn on their location services. Events will then be ordered based on the Attendee's location.

Other fields such as "Date" will simply organize the events by start date.


Note: if all events in the group have the same category the category filter will not display. You must have more than one category enabled for the drop-down list to display.

Event Group - Calendar View

By default in Event Groups, you are presented the "List View" that lists all of the events in the Event Group. There is also a calendar view that can be displayed with a slight modification to the URL as well.

This is an example of the Event Group List view:

If we modify the previous URL to this, it will display the Event Group Calendar View:

Calendar View example:

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Event Groups

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