Discount Codes

Offer discounts for the total purchase.

Create Discount Codes for specific events, or tickets.


Payments App

Discount Codes are a part of the Blackthorn Payments package, the user configuring the Discount Codes will need a license to the Payments application.

Create a Code

  1. Click on the App Launcher, select Codes, then click New.
  1. Define the following fields:

    • Enter the Code Name

    • Choose theValid From date (optional)
      Valid From and/or Valid Through dates are enforced depending on which are set.

    • Choose theValid Through date (optional)
      Valid From and/or Valid Through dates are enforced depending on which are set.

    • Restrict To Account (optional - portal users only)
      Restrict To Account is enforced if set and requires that only an authenticated Attendee associated to the Account (via their Contact record) can use the Code.

    • Enter theQuantity Made Available (optional)
      Quantity Made Available is enforced if populated (leave blank for unlimited uses) and the related Quantity Claimed field is updated every time a Discount Code is used on an Invoice for an Event or Event Item. If an Invoice Status is set to "Void", the Discount Code is released and the Quantity Claimed is updated.

    • Select "Discount" in the Type field

    • Enter the Discount Amount or the Discount Percentage`

    • Enter a Description (optional)

  2. Click Save.

Relate an Event or Ticket

  1. Create a Code Eligibility record to relate an Event or Event Item.


Update the Code Eligibility page layout

If you do not see the Event or Event Item field, please update the page layout and include the Event and Event Item lookup fields.

Enable Discount Code on your Event page

  1. Go to the Event page.
  2. Update the Code Settings field to either "Optional" or "Required". If the field is set to "Required", registrants will not be able to proceed with checkout unless they have the valid Discount Code.

Code Discount Amount

The amount an Event Item Line Item was discounted by using a Discount Code is calculated and stored in the Code Discount Amount field on the Event Item Line Item on the Invoice.

Access-Promo Codes

If no discount is being offered, Discount Codes can instead be used for access to proceed/purchase an item or a promotional code for an item benefit.

Creating Code

  1. On the Code Record, set "Type" to Access-Promo.
  2. Additionally on the Event, set the Code "Settings" to Required.
    *Please note this will make the access-promo code required at the Event level.

Discount Code for certain Accounts (Event Portal Only)

Coming soon, please inquire.

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