A list of event contents (attachments) is a great way to provide additional information about the event. This could be a PDF file for the event venue direction or an image file for event coupons, it could also be a video file (linked to YouTube or downloadable) that introduces the upcoming event, etc...


Event Contents Visibility

To show the Contents on your event, navigate back to your event -> click on your Event Setting record and update the Content tab to "Always". Notice if there no contents/attachments associated with the event, the Content tab will be hidden by default

Create an Event Content

  1. Navigate to your event's related list and click "New" next to Event Content
  1. Define the name of the content file, define the type (coming soon you will select the type from a drop-down field), url as well as description
  1. Click "Save"
  2. Navigate to your event and check out the content tab to see your new links!

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