Need to duplicate your Event quickly with all of the related information like Attendees, Tickets, Sessions, Sponsors, Form Elements, etc? Now you can, in three simple steps with our Clone feature! :clap: :clap:

Event Clone

Before you clone

First you will want to ensure that all fields you wish to clone are on our Deep Clone field set

To review these fields please navigate to Setup > Object Manager > Event > Field Sets > Edit the Deep Clone Layout. Then, drag and drop the field in the field set and save.


  1. To begin, visit the Event record and click the "Clone" button.

Select the Related Items

  1. The right side of your screen will display a list of all related items. Just toggle the "Clone" button to select which related list should also be cloned. Leaving them gray will not clone the related list.
  • Example: If I wanted to clone the "Speakers" related list to my new event, I would toggle "Active"
  • Example: If I didn't want to clone the "Staff" related list, I would leave it as "Inactive"

Click the "Clone" button

  1. Once you click the clone button, a new event will be created.

Custom Questions (Form) Clone

To deep clone forms in lightning experience:

  1. Edit the Form page layout
  2. Add the custom "Clone" button from the Mobile/Lightning actions.

Select the form to be cloned. Click the "Clone" action. The form and form questions are cloned.

Add a custom field to the clone feature


  1. Create a custom field on the Event object.
  1. Edit the field set within the Event object and add the custom field.
  1. Save the Event object and clone the event. You can now see the custom field ready to be cloned. :balloon:

Cloning with Sessions

When cloning an event with sessions in it, the dates/times of the cloned sessions will automatically be reset and need to be filled in again.

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