Upgrade the Blackthorn Base, Payments, and Events Apps
  • 03 May 2023
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Upgrade the Blackthorn Base, Payments, and Events Apps

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Article Summary

Which Blackthorn Apps Do You Use?

The Smart Scheduler component can be used with our Events app, Messaging app, or both! If you are only using Events, ignore the steps about updating Messaging and Messaging’s permissions.

If you want to learn more about our Messaging app, please contact your account manager!

Before installing and setting up the Smart Scheduler component, the Blackthorn Base, Payments, and Events apps need to be upgraded to their most recent versions. Since upgrading the Events app triggers the Payments app and Base package to upgrade, you do not need to upgrade each one separately.

  1. Go to the Candy Shop.  
  2. Click Blackthorn Events.
  3. Click Product Upgrade.
  4. Click Login to Install.
  5. Select “Production or Developer Org” or “Sandbox or Scratch Org.”
  6. Complete the login process.
  7. Click Install.
  8. Review the Product Terms of Use and Licenses.
  9. Check the “I confirm I have read and agree to these product terms of use and licenses” checkbox.
  10. Click Confirm.

After the upgrade process is completed, you will receive three emails confirming that Blackthorn Base, Events, and Payments have been installed.