Email Template Builder

Create beautiful reminders and post-event emails in Salesforce with a no-code editor (no need to create an email using HMTL/CSS).


If you are a customer using a Blackthorn Events version prior to v3.30...

We introduced a change that updates static resources to use standard merge language. You will need to "upgrade" your email templates to support this, or else they will not function properly. Please navigate to the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab > Upgrade > Update Email Templates.

Before you start


Make sure Email Templates is added as a related list on your Events page layout.

The following instructions will load 12 email templates.

  1. Make sure you have the correct permissions. If running into insufficient privileges, please watch this troubleshooting video.

The email template builder creates Classic Email Templates located within Setup. Users who want to create/view email templates will need the following permissions:

Permission Sets:

  • Events Admin Permission Set

  • Payments Admin Permission Sets

System Permissions:

  • Author Apex

  • Create Content Deliveries

  • Customize Application

  • Edit Read Only Fields

  • Manage Custom Permissions

  • Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions

  • View Setup and Configuration

  • View Roles and Role Hierarchy

  1. Navigate to Blackthorn | Events Admin tab
  2. Click on Metadata Updates tab in the left-hand column
  3. Click Create Email Templates. Here is a quick video on how to create templates!


Workflow Emails

This feature can conflict with workflow emails.
Example: If the Registration Status on Attendee is set to To Invite and an email template is is sent out, the Registration Status will be updated to Invited. We recommend disabling the Send Blackthorn | Event invite email workflow rule if you intend on using this feature.


Setting up your first template is simple!

  1. Navigate to an Event record.
  2. On the Email Templates related list, click the dropdown arrow and click "New".
  1. On the "New Template" modal, select "New" and then click the "Continue" button.

    • Note: The "New From Template" option will create a new template from an existing template.
  2. (Optional): If you want to check out a template, we have included 12 by default.

    Click here to view the templates!
    * Standard Template | Invite Light
    * Standard Template | Confirmation Light
    * Standard Template | Reminder Light
    * Standard Template | Missed You Light
    * Standard Template | Cancelled Light
    * Standard Template | Thank You Light
    * Standard Template | Invite Dark
    * Standard Template | Confirmation Dark
    * Standard Template | Reminder Dark
    * Standard Template | Missed You Dark
    * Standard Template | Cancelled Dark
    * Standard Template | Thank You Dark  


If you are creating a new Email Template from an existing record you'll notice the Event name displayed under the Email Template name. This will help when deciding which Email Template to use when cloning your new record.
NOTE: If you do not see an Event name under the Event Template name that just means no Event has been associated with an Event Template yet.


If you receive a refused to connect error (ie ' refused to connect') when trying to create an email template through the builder, you will need to allowlist several domains in Salesforce.

To allowlist the following domains for Visualforce Pages, go to Setup > Session Settings.

  • (
  • (
  • Your "My Domain" (for example:
  1. Next, you'll be presented with a page similar to the one below. The "Blackthorn University" image is pulled directly from the Image URL field on your event.
  1. Adding an image
  • To start, drag and drop the Image tile from the Content section into the template
  • Click "Browse" and you'll be presented with the file manager

Next, you'll be presented with the Upload, Import, or Search free photos options

  • Using the Upload button will allow you to add an image locally from your computer
  • Using the Import button will allow you to add an image via Facebook, Dropbox, One Drive, etc.
  • To upload an image via Salesforce Files, simply copy the public link from your image into the "Just provide the link" box.
  1. Adding Merge Fields

    • To add in merge fields is simple, just click on a text box, click "Merge Tags", and select the tag you want!

    • Below is an example of some tags that could be used to display the event name, date, and time!

    • Note: When adding in dates and times, please use the Event Start Date/Time and Event End Date/Time to avoid issues with daylight savings time.

  1. It's free rein from here. Play around and see what you can build. :hammer:

  2. When saving the email template, you can insert merge tags into the subject line as well. An example would be: "You're invited to {{{!conference360__Attendee__c.conference360__Event_Name__c}}}!"

  3. After you have an email template saved, you can send emails from several levels.

    • The Send Email button on Event record: This will send an email to all attendees specified in the criteria for the event, keep reading to find out more.
    • The Send Email button on the Attendee record: This will send an email directly to that attendee, and only that attendee.
    • If you don't see these button on your Event page layout, please add them.

Note: It may take several minutes for the email template to appear in the related list.


Community User Permissions

When logged into the Community as a Community user, you can preview and send emails from an Attendee or Event object after performing the following steps:

  • Add a Sharing Setting to the Attendee object: Set the Default External Access field to “Public Read/Write” (Location: Setup>Settings>Security>Share Settings)
  • Create a CSP Trusted Site: Set the Trusted Site URL field set to “https://*" (Location: Setup>Settings>Security>CSP Trusted Sites>New Trusted Site)
  1. When sending an email from an event, there are several options available.

    • From Address will determine what email the email template is being sent from. By default, this is the Current User (the currently logged in Salesforce user.) Emails will be automatically added to this picklist by adding them to the Organization-Wide Email Addresses in Salesforce Setup.

    • Email Template is where you can select which email template to send.

    • Attendee Filter will control which attendees receive the email. This can be filtered by any fields within Registration Status (Invited, Registered, etc.) or Attendance Status (Attended, No Show, etc.)

  1. When sending an email from an individual attendee, there are several options available.

    • From Address is who the email comes from. By default, this is the Current User (the currently logged in Salesforce user.) Emails will be automatically added to this picklist by adding the email to the Organization-Wide Email Addresses in Salesforce Setup.

    • Email Template is where you can select which email to send to the attendee.

  1. Edit email templates

    • Navigate to the Event where the template is saved.

    • Navigate to the related "Email Template" list and select a template to edit.


Q: My attendees have reported that links in Yahoo are not showing up as hyperlinks, how do I fix this?
A: Yahoo Mail does not automatically convert hyperlinks, unlike Google Mail, for example. To hyperlink merge fields, text, etc. please use the Link feature built into the email template builder.

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