Donation Form Submissions
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Donation Form Submissions

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Form Submission Name Change

The Donations app and the Events app use the object name, “Form Submission.” To alleviate confusion, the object name in Donations has been changed to “Blackthorn Donations Form Submission,” and the object name in Events has been changed to “Blackthorn Events Form Submission.”

All of the below happen automatically when a Donation Form is submitted, which would normally have to happen manually.


Step 1: Donor completes the checkout from the site


Step 2: A Payment Method record is added to Salesforce with the Card ID (i.e the token)
Step 3: A Transaction is created and captured (processed/charged).
Step 4: A receipt is sent to the donor if that's enabled as a Workflow Rule
Step 5: A Blackthorn Donations Form Submission record is created as a JSON file capturing all related data


Every 5 minutes, a background scheduled process runs to process Form Submission records
Step 6: The Blackthorn Donations Form Submission record is processed.
Step 7: The Contact is attempted to be matched on exact Email (more matching rules coming later this year). If a match, the rest of the logic follows under that Contact. If there's no match, a new Contact (and Household) is created.
Step 8: The Payment Method and Transaction from Steps 2 and 3 are updated to this new Contact


Step 9: An Opportunity and Payment record are created. The existing Transaction is updated to reference the Opportunity and Payment


Step 10: An Open-Ended Recurring Donation record is created.
Step 11: Your current NPSP Opportunity Forecast Months settings determine how many related Opportunities are created (default is 12).
Step 12: Payment and Transaction records are created for each of the Opportunities.
Step 13: The existing Transaction is updated to reference the Opportunity and Payment


Step 13: Custom questions' answers are populated to their designated objects/fields.


Step 14: When the Contact and Account records are created, the "Created by BT Donations" checkbox is checked automatically, letting you know which Contact and Account records are created by Blackthorn | Donations.

Existing Customers

If you cannot find the "Created by BT Donations" field:

  1. Upgrade to our latest Donations Package.
  2. Manually place the "Created by BT Donations" field onto your Account and Contact Layouts.

What's Next