DocumentLink Template

This object is used to store fields that allow users to configure the presentation of DocumentLink.


Define Custom Acceptance Language

Using the Acceptance Language - ACH, Acceptance Language - Card, and Terms and Conditions fields allow users to link to your own custom terms and conditions on the DocumentLink Template. Use the acceptance language fields to craft custom messaging.


Credit Card DocumentLink Checkout Example:


Bank DocumentLink Checkout Example:


Adding Company Logo and Details to DocumentLink

In order to add a logo and company details to your DocumentLink invoice you'll need to do this with the Company Info object. You can then add the Company Info record to either the DocumentLink Template record or directly on the Invoice record. Check out our documentation on Company Info.

  1. Navigate to Company Info.
  2. Create a new record.
  3. Populate the Logo field with a URL to your logo.
    NOTE: Use the Documents object in the Classic UI to store images and use the URL from the record to add to this Logo field.
  4. Add details to the Contact Information section like address and website.

Add Custom Fields and Footer

Using the following fields allows users just a bit more flexibility when customizing their invoices created from DocumentLink:

  • DocumentLink Field 1 (Label)
  • DocumentLink Field 1
  • DocumentLink Field 2 (Label)
  • DocumentLink Field 2
  • Footer

Deprecated Fields

If you are upgrading your Blackthorn Payments package and notice that some fields on the DocumentLink Template object have the ability to be deleted feel free to take advantage of this to clean your org. Otherwise, if a field has the ability to be deleted and can no longer be added to your page layout that means we no longer support it.


You'll need to navigate to Setup in the classic UI to see the option to delete.

Fields No Longer Supported:

  • Background color
  • Button color
  • Card color theme
  • Logo
  • Due Date label
  • Requested by label
  • Amount due label
  • Documentation

How to automatically apply DocumentLink Template to Invoices

  1. Create a simple process (Process Builder, Flow etc) to accomplish this.
  2. In your automated process, you would set the Documentlink Template ID on the Invoice Record.
  3. Set it to fill in the "Documentlink Template" any time an Invoice is created.

What’s Next

Authorize DocumentLink for use in your org.

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