December 2021 - Version 3.48

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Breaking Changes

The following updates will occur when adding Sessions during the checkout process.

  • If there are no Track values available, the Track filter will not be visible.
  • If there are no Topic values, the Topic filter will not be visible.
  • The Search Bar will be visible only if there are 20 or more Sessions to choose from.
  • The "Clear Filter" option will only be available when a value is selected for that filter.


Attendee Registration Lightning Component
Blackthorn | Events Admin Page
Event Record
Event Wizard

Front End

  • A Search field, “Upcoming” tab, “Past” tab, and a “No Date” tab are now available on the Event listing page. The Event listings will be grouped and sorted by Event Start Date. Each Event listing will include the Event’s name, start date, and end date (if available).

  • Published Event URLs will now appear in Google search results.

  • When using the "Aspen" or "Maple" UI Experience, the Event Start Date and Event End Date will be shown on the Event listing as it is on other user interfaces.

    • When the Event End Date has passed, users will see "Sale Ended on [Date]".
    • When the Event is on sale, users will see the Event Price.
    • When the Event Start Date is in the future, users will see "Sale Starts on [Date]".

Attendee Registration Lightning Component

  • The following applies to process of adding an Attendee via the Attendee Registration Lightning Component when a Form is attached to the Event Item.

    1. When the Event Manager enters the Attendee’s information on the Add Attendee tab, the Back button will no longer be available.
    2. When the Event Manager is on the Attendee Additional Details tab, the Back and Summary buttons will be available.
      • Clicking the Back button takes the user back to the Attendee Information tab.
      • Clicking the Summary button takes the user to the Attendee summary.
  • The Register button on the Attendee Lightning Component has been moved to the right of the Events icon.

  • After clicking Register on the Attendee Registration Lightning Component, and clicking the Find button without entering an Event Name or Event Start Date, the user will receive an updated error message, “To search, enter an event name, start date, or both.”


  • During the checkout process, the Payment button will automatically change to Register when the Order Summary total is $0. When the Order Summary total is greater than $0, the Payment button will remain in place.

  • When checking out for a paid Event, users must pass the CAPTCHA to complete the checkout process if Enable Captcha is set on the Event Settings record.

  • When performing the checkout process, an Attendee will experience the following.

    • When only one ticket is left and the user clicks the Add button, the ticket is added to the cart and the Add button says Added.
    • When there are no tickets left and waitlisting is enabled, the Add To Waitlist button will be visible. After clicking the Add to Waitlist button, it will say Waitlisted.
    • When there are no tickets left and Waitlisting is not enabled, the Sold Out button will be visible.
  • When an Attendee receives a Waitlist registration invitation (AttendeeLink URL) and there are missing details on the Attendee’s form, the Waitlist Registration Form will now appear before the check-out page.

  • Completing the Checkout process via an AttendeeLink is now supported on the Simple UI. The user will select one of the three following options.

    • Click Yes or Register to complete the registration process with the prefilled information.
    • Click No to decline the invitation. All fields and the Register button will be grayed and deselected.
    • Click Not [name of Attendee] to clear the form’s fields. The form is now ready for a new individual to register for the Event.
  • Using the New Checkout process on the Simple UI and Full-Width UI with Events Package Version 3.38 or higher is now supported. However, Sessions and Multiple Tickets are still not supported.

Back End


Important Update

The Event Item Purchase object and its related fields have been deprecated.

  • To assist users using Communities, the Sharing Settings for Blackthorn Event and Event Group objects now have the Default Internal Access set to “Public Read/Write” and the Default External Access set to “Public Read Only”.

  • Waitlisting can only be managed at the Session level; not at the Event Item Session level. The following scenarios apply when registering an Attendee for Sessions from the Event Listing.

    • If a Session is Free and at capacity, and waitlisting is enabled, an Attendee can be added to the waitlist. The Session Attendee's Registration Status should become "Waitlisted - Pending."
    • If a Session is Free and at capacity, but waitlisting is disabled, an Attendee cannot register for that Session. The Session will show the message, "Sold Out."
    • If a Session is Paid and at capacity, and waitlisting is enabled, an Attendee can be added to the waitlist. The Attendee is not able to submit payment for this Session until an opening becomes available. The Session Attendee's Registration Status should become "Waitlisted - Pending."
    • If a Session is Paid and at capacity, but waitlisting is disabled, an Attendee cannot register for that Session. The Session will show the message, "Sold Out."
  • The New Form Element component, which allows new questions to be included, can be added to the Form page layout to create new questions under the form.

  • If the Events app has not been authorized in the org, the Authorize button will be visible until authentication is complete. Afterwards, the Publish and Update buttons will be available.

  • Previously, users within Salesforce couldn’t tell if there were errors when viewing a preview of an Event. To prevent errors before an Event is published, additional automated verifications/checks have been added. If a user has the correct license and permission sets, they will see any errors while viewing the preview. Everyone else will see the cacheless version of the preview; the one without any errors.

Blackthorn | Events Admin Page

  • After upgrading the Events Layouts from Blackthorn | Events Admin, the Contact page layout and the Lead page layout will now include a list of Attendees and Session Attendees. The fields added to each section include the following.

    • Session Attendee fields: Name, Attendee_First_Namec, Attendee_Last_Namec, Attendee_Emailc, Sessionc, Registration_Statusc, and Attendance_Status2c
    • Attendee fields: Name, Attendee_Full_Namec, Email2c, Phone2c, Eventc, Event_Itemc, Registration_Statusc, Attendance_Statusc, and Sales_Documentc
  • A new tab titled "Settings" was added to Blackthorn | Events Admin. The Vanity domain field, located on the Settings tab, allows users to set a domain other than for the remote site "Events_Domain." For more information about custom domains, go to Customized Blackthorn Events Domain.

Event Record

  • To prevent incorrect Total Capacity totals on the Event record, the Total Capacity for the Event will be controlled from the Event Item record. Moving forward, the Total Capacity field on the Event record will automatically be set to “Read Only” during installation.

  • The eventHealthStatusCheck component can now be added manually to an existing Event record.

    1. On the Event record, click Settings in the upper right-hand corner.
    2. From the drop-down, click Edit Page.
    3. Type “events” in the Search field.
    4. Select “eventHealthStatusCheck”.
    5. Return to the Event record. The component should be visible in the sidebar.

Event Wizard

  • References to "Webcast" in the Event Wizard have been updated to "Webinar Account."

  • The height of the Description field on the Details page of the Event Wizard has been increased to create a better user experience.

  • “Tickets” has been relabeled as “Event Items” in the Event Wizard.

  • When cloning a published Event in the Event Wizard, the new, cloned Event will no longer pull the Publish status from the original Event.

  • To ensure the Event Wizard uploads banners correctly when used in the community, the method used to query the domain has been updated. Rather than using the org domain, the community domain will now be used to create the uploaded file's URL for the Event.


  • If a Session is shared between multiple Event Items, the Session capacity and Waitlisting logic are shared. For example, if an Attendee wants to buy two tickets with the same Session added to both tickets, but there is only one Session ticket remaining, only one ticket can be purchased. If Waitlisting is selected, the second ticket will be added to the waitlist.

  • When adding a Session to an Event and choosing a Session End Date before the Start Date, the user will receive the following error, “Review the following errors: Session End Date cannot be before Session Start Date.” This error will appear on both the Sessions page in the Events App and in the Event Wizard.

Bug Fixes

Event Registration (Front End)
Event Registration (Back End)
Event Settings
Event Wizard
Webinar/Online Meetings
User Interface (Front End)
User Interface (Back End)

Front End

  • When navigating between Events in an Event Group, the ticket and total price amounts will automatically reset each time a new Event page is visited.

  • After performing a hard refresh on an Event or an Event Group with Events that are not available, the cache will be updated with only available (published and active) Events.

  • A unique Discount Code can now be reused for recurring Event registrations as long as the code is available.

  • Once Blackthorn Support has disabled the Free/Paid verbiage in your org, the "Free" and "$XX.XX" pricing on all Events will be removed, not just on the Events tied to the Default Event Settings record.

  • When using the Events Calendar within the Blackthorn Community Page, the Calendar category filter will no longer default to “My Events”.

Event Registration

  • A "Sale Starts..." message will appear on an Event Item when someone tries to register for an Event Item that has a Sales Start Date in the future.

  • When registering for an Event, users must register or purchase a main ticket (Type = "Main event ticket") in order to also register or purchase a guest ticket (Type = "Guest").

  • When a user uses the Search Bar on the Event overview page and clicks Get Tickets, they will be redirected to the Checkout section of the Event registration process.

  • When filling in the date to answer a custom question during the Event registration process, only the requested date format will be accepted, allowing the Event Registration Submission record to process correctly.

  • Users can now perform the Event registration process by clicking the Add Myself button. This is true for Authenticated Users and Attendees registering via an AttendeeLink.

  • When a user, who selects a Country other than "Canada" and the "United States", registers for an Event where the Country and Address fields on the Event Item are required, the State field will also be required.

Webinar/Online Meetings

  • Event Attendees joining a Zoom meeting will be asked to enter their name and join as a regular Attendee without the same permissions as the host. Previously Attendees were able to join the meeting as a co-host, with the same permissions as the host.

  • When an Attendee registers for a Zoom Meeting or Webinar at the Session level from their AttendeeLink, they will be successfully registered for the Session and registered in Zoom. **

User Interface (UI)

  • When viewing an Event Group URL that uses the Aspen UI, the keywords, including those that are wrapped, will be left aligned.

  • When using the Full-Width UI to register for an Event, the Sold Out banner will be visible and registration will be closed if the Event is sold out.

  • When registering for a Free Event on the Full-width UI, the Country and Phone fields listed on the Event Item will automatically pre-populate based on location.

  • When viewing an Event with an Event Group UI Experience set to “Calendar” on a mobile device, the Calendar will now display the margins and dates as expected.

Back End

  • To ensure the "Blackthorn | Events Status Update" Scheduled Job is triggered for customers with fewer than 3k Events, the Apex class EventUpdateStatusBatch variable CLOSE_ABOVE now equals 1500.

  • The Organizer permission set has been updated to include access to the EventKeywordsManage Visualforce page. This allows the user access to the Manage Keywords form via the Manage Keywords button.

  • When using iframes, the embedded Sessions list will correctly display all available Sessions.

  • The BT Events Attendee Matching Rule was added to prevent duplicate Attendees from being created after an Attendee registers for an Event without using an AttendeeLink.

    • BT Events Attendee Matching Rule: If there is an existing Campaign Member based on a Contact/Lead, the Attendee will be associated with the previously mentioned Campaign Member.

      Matching Criteria: (Attendee: Event EXACT MatchBlank = FALSE) AND (Attendee: Email2 EXACT MatchBlank = FALSE) AND (Attendee: First_Name2 FUZZY: FIRST NAME MatchBlank = FALSE) AND (Attendee: Last_Name2 FUZZY: LAST NAME MatchBlank = FALSE)

    • Location of Rule: Setup>Matching rules>BT Events Attendee Matching Rule

  • When the capacity on an Event Item is changed, the capacities on the Event Item and Event will update accordingly.


  • After registering an Attendee for an Event, following the AttendeeLink to the Event confirmation page, and clicking Done, the user will be redirected to the check-in page. If the user goes to the Event page, they will see the ticket(s) listed as redeemed, indicating the Attendee data has been updated correctly.

  • If the Precheckout Details field on the Event record is defined, the information will be visible under the Precheckout Details heading during the checkout process.

  • If the Checkout Details field on the Event record is defined, the information will be visible under the Checkout Details heading during the checkout process.

  • The credit card labels on the “Payment Information” screen have been localized in order to use the Data Dictionary during the Checkout process.


  • When a user profile has limited access, they can send an Email from an Event by selecting the Current User's email in the Send Emails From field. The email that was sent will show the Current User's email address in the email's from field.

  • The email signature, which always belonged to the logged in user (regardless of the From address), will no longer appear in an Email when the Email is sent from an Event or Attendee.

Event Registration

  • If the Registration Success Message field on the Event record is defined, users will see the message after successfully completing their order.

  • When an Attendee clicks an AttendeeLink with the Registration Status set to "Invited," they will be able to successfully update their address fields.

  • When an Attendee registers two or more tickets in a single checkout and provides at least one value for all Attendees for a multi-select picklist question, the checkout transaction and ERS record will process correctly.

Event Settings

  • If the Language Selector on the Event Settings is set to "Off", the language selector will not be visible when the Event is accessed via the Event URL.

  • After setting the Background Color on the Event Setting record, the Session’s details will now be visible when viewing the information on the Sessions tab.

  • After setting the Background Color on the Event Setting record, the Session’s details will now be visible during the checkout process.

  • All Event related pages will now show the correct time format when the Show 24 Hour Time Format is checked on the Event Settings.

Event Wizard

  • An Event's Banner will now format correctly on the Registration Success page and AttendeeLink URL when using the recommended image size (820px x 410px (ratio 2:1)).

  • After using the Event Wizard to create a new Event with a Webinar/Meeting, the Webinar/Meeting URL and Webinar/Meeting ID fields on the Event record will be filled in correctly.


  • If Type values are missing in Form Elements, go to Blackthorn | Events Admin and click Upgrade>Update Picklists to update the picklist values. If the Type value still doesn't appear, make sure the Type field is set to "unrestricted."

  • When creating a Form Element with “Date” selected for the Type, users can now select dates before 2011. The min value for the date picker year has been changed to 1700.

  • An Event Item with a Form that includes the Form Element Type = "Date" will display the text in the date selector placeholder in all lowercase letters.

  • The field length of the Answer Text Long field has been updated. When a Form Element with “Text (30,000)” selected for Type is attached to an Event Item, users will be able to successfully complete the registration process for an Attendee.


  • Sessions with the Hide on Event Page option selected will no longer appear on an Event’s Sessions list when an Attendee is registering for the Event.

  • The Capacity field on the Session object has been removed. The Quantity Available field should be used instead.

  • A registered Attendee's AttendeeLink will now include the dates and times of the included Sessions.

  • Users who previously used an older version of Events with Sessions (installed prior to the new checkout) and discover the Price is missing on a paid Event Item Session after upgrading will need to re-enter the original Price.

User Interface (UI)

  • When accessing an Event via an AttendeeLink, the UI displayed will match the UI Experience set in the Event Group.

  • When accessing an AttendeeLink connected to an Event Group with a preset UI Experience, clicking the AttendeeLink will display the correct user interface.

  • When using the Full-width UI, the checkout process will automatically be redirected to the new checkout experience. Discount codes will also work as expected.

  • When an Event Group has the UI Experience set to "Calendar", users can now Search by Zip Code.

  • The Contact Us button on the AttendeeLink now works when using the Full-Width UI.


  • When an Attendee cancels their registration, the quantity of available tickets will update, and Attendees listed as “Pending” can register for the newly available ticket via their AttendeeLink.

  • To prevent errors when an Attendee joins an Event's open waitlist, the contactId was removed from the waitlistAttendee checkout payload.

Mobile Check-In App


  • To manually add a walk-in Attendee to an Event, users can click the + button on the Attendee Listing page in the Check-in App and enter the Attendee’s Salutation, First name, Last name, Email, Title, Company, and Country.

  • Mobile Check-In app users are now able to log in to a sandbox or production org from the Mobile Check-in app.

  • When using the Mobile Check-in app to check in Attendees, users will now see the list of registered Attendees sorted by last name. Swiping right to left and clicking the Check-in Action button will check in Attendees. Swiping left to right and clicking the X button will check out a checked-in Attendee.

Bug Fixes

  • After access to an Event via the Mobile Check-in app has been revoked, the user will no longer be able to see the Event that they previously could access.

  • When using the Mobile Check-In app, users can now check in a Session Attendee by swiping from the right to the left on the Attendee’s name and undo a checked-in Attendee by swiping from left to right.

General Updates

  • The component logos and labels in the Lightning App Builder have been updated to include the new Blackthorn logo and labeling convention.

  • The objects/tabs in Blackthorn's apps have been updated so a unique icon represents each app.

  • A Refer A Friend button has been added to the following admin pages/wizards.

    • Blackthorn | Payments Admin tab
    • Blackthorn | Events Admin tab
    • Blackthorn | Donations Admin tab
    • Blackthorn | Compliance Admin tab
    • Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard tab
      The respective admin can click the Refer A Friend button to share a friend's name and email address with Blackthorn.
  • We’ve added a new Apex class to avoid a common cause of confusion around Event authorization in a newly refreshed partial or full sandbox. This class will reset the authorization components in the newly refreshed sandbox so users are aware that authorization has not yet been completed. Users will need to add the BTEventsPostSandboxRefreshapex class to the sandbox refresh process for this reset capability.

  • Permissions associated with the Blackthorn | Events (Admin) Permission Set’s Object Settings have been API enabled and updated to include:

    • Accounts: Read/View
    • Contacts: Read/View
    • Products: Read
  • A new user’s license will automatically be applied when the license is authenticated through OAuth during the installation of Payments and Events. This step will streamline the installation process.

Admin Upgrade Instructions

  1. A minimum of Payments Version 5.46 is required if your current version of Events is 3.48 or newer.

  2. Install the latest Payments App

  1. Upgrade your Events App


From now until 01/13/22, the directions below will teach you how to test the new front-end features, enhancements, and bug fixes until they are automatically pushed.

To Do
You will need to replace the Event Page and AttendeeLink URLs '' domain to a test domain.


For example, when you create your attendee, an AttendeeLink URL is generated with the "" domain like this one:

You'll then click on the attendee URL so it opens up in a new page. Remove "" and replace it with "" so it looks like this:

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

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