December 2020 - Version 3.10


If upgrading from a version older than 3.8...

Please review our older documentation here to make sure you're up to date on all new features and fields.


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Due to the holidays, our December release will be prerecorded. Click here to register. Once registered, you will receive an email with a link to watch!

Once the below updates have been reviewed, please upgrade your events and payments app from the appexchange.

Upgrade instructions

  1. Review and upgrade your Payments App (even if you have free events) here. Always make sure to upgrade Blackthorn Payments first.

  2. Then upgrade your Events App:

  1. Reauthorize Blackthorn Events by navigating to the Blackthorn Events Admin page, and click Authorize the App. Please find steps to authorize here.
    • Important: Please make sure same user who originally authorized the events app authorizes again to avoid interrupting service.

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.


  • Blackthorn Events checkout now supports Spreedly

  • Webinars are now supported on Sessions. Read here for more information

  • AttendeeLink sessions are now iframable. Read our iframes documentation to learn how

  • Visibility Control is now supported on Sessions

  • On the event overview page, the Sessions tab has received several small upgrades including an "All" sessions tab and clearer sorting by dates. Click here to compare and see the changes

  • Waitlisting is now supported with the Ash UI

  • CSS can now be injected into Event, Event Settings, and Event Groups! Check out our documentation to learn more

  • When injecting custom CSS into your event, changes will now be applied to the Post Event Questions URL

  • UI Experience List on Event Group now supports Event Keywords

  • When adding an event to your calendar, the "Location" will now be a clickable URL. Check out a demo video here

  • Video streams will now be available 15 minutes before an event starts, allowing attendees more time to join. Read more here

  • Ash UI will now close the registration window when Event Item Sales End Date is in the past

  • When cloning events, the Event Item Sales Start Date and Sales End Date will now be cloned

  • Added a Back button to the Attendee Registration Lightning Component

  • Added a Create Webinars for Events and Create Webinars for Sessions buttons on the Blackthorn Events | Admin page that creates webinars for all events and sessions which have a value for Webinar Account but no value for Webinar/Meeting URL

  • When an event has free and paid tickets available, it will now show "Free and Paid Tickets Available" instead of "Starting at $X.XX"

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Event Item quantity fields not updating when attendees register for an event

  • Fixed: previously when adding an event to an Outlook calendar, spaces between words would be populated with the '+' sign

  • Fixed: when an attendee registered with their Attendeelink URL, the Redirect URL button was not appearing if defined on the event

  • Fixed: when iframing the event page, the category filter was staying applied when navigating to other pages and returning back

  • Fixed: when attempting to clone an event, any event with an email template associated would display an error message

  • Fixed: when creating a form using the Hidden Type field, the forms were unable to be saved

  • Fixed: when adding conditions to forms, previously the Goto Form Element field was being populated by Supplemental Question Information. This has been adjusted, and will now be populated by Enter your question to ask below: field

  • Fixed: when using Form Preview, previously the Date field would be cut off by another question

  • Fixed: the Attendee Registration Lightning Component displaying incorrect event start times

  • Fixed: when modifying forms, changes were saving but not reflected on the visualforce page. Example: If I set a form element as Required = True, this would appear as Required = False but the actual value would be True

  • Fixed: Event Organizer Name field on the Attendee object was not populating correctly

  • Fixed: when using Campaign And Event Sync, updating the Attendee's Registration Status to Invited, the Campaign Member Status field wasn't updating to Invited

  • Fixed: when using the Hide QR from AttendeeLink field on Event Settings, the QR code was still appearing

  • Fixed: issue with events adding extra spacing in rich text fields

  • Fixed: a bug in Ash UI that was allowing users to register without filling in the required email field

  • Fixed: when adding a single attendee to a webinar it will no longer flag an error

  • Fixed: an error when authorizing Webex Webinar Accounts

  • Fixed: a bug when reprocessing Event Registration Submissions when Enable Forms V2 was not enabled and attendees answered Custom Questions

  • Fixed: caching issues with Big List Groups that caused picklist values to not update appropriately

  • Fixed: bug with Data Dictionary that prevented the MSG_NO_CONTENT from being modified

New Fields/Layouts


Streaming Service URL deprecation

We will be deprecating the Streaming Service URL field in favor of the Meeting/Join URL field. Meeting/Join URL will allow for URLs longer than 255 characters, at the same time supporting webinar accounts. URLs can be added here manually, or via webinar account. The Streaming Service URL field will still be supported for the next few months, and we will give notification in a release note once this field is no longer supported.

  • Added Featured Session checkbox field to the Session object

  • Added Event Start Date and Time & Event End Date and Time to the Attendee object

  • Added all fields to the Deep Clone Layout fieldset. These fields still have to be added to the Deep Clone Layout if you wish to clone them

  • Added Webinar/Meeting Account to the Session object

  • Added Webinar/Meeting URL to the Session object

  • Added Webinar/Meeting ID to the Session object

  • Added Webinar/Meeting Password to the Session object

  • Added Create Webinar/Meeting button to the Session object

  • Added Visibility Control multi-picklist field to the Session object

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