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Form Submissions Name Change

The Donations app and the Events app use the object name, “Form Submission.” To alleviate confusion, the object name in Donations has been changed to “Blackthorn Donations Form Submission,” and the object name in Events has been changed to “Blackthorn Events Form Submission.”

Forms and Form Elements are an easy way of surveying your attendees while they're registering for an event, after they register, or after the event has ended. This can give good insight on reporting to capture the voices and opinions of the all attendees.

Here is a complete list of what is currently supported:

  1. Big List Group
  2. Checkbox
  3. Date
  4. Divider
  5. Email
  6. File Upload
  7. Hidden
  8. Multi-Select Picklist
  9. Number
  10. Parameter
  11. Picklist
  12. Text
  13. Text (30,000)
  14. URL


Before using this feature, please navigate to the Blackthorn Events Admin tab > Scheduled Jobs > click "Schedule Recommended Events Jobs"

This will start the job to process the questions, and Form Submission Answers will write to the respective object within the next 5 minutes. This job will run automatically after processing the job the first time.

Where can I add Form Elements?

Glad you asked! On the event record, we have a few fields that are needed.

  1. Form (Pre-Registration): This is for answering form elements during the checkout process. These will be displayed when the attendee fills in their information to register.
    • Note: This can also be set on Event Item to be used with Visibility Control. This allows asking specific questions to specific attendees. 🤓
  2. Form (Post-Registration): This is for answering form elements after the attendee registers for the event. The questions will be displayed on a confirmation page through their AttendeeLink.

How can I view the attendee's answers?

There are a few easy ways to view an attendee's answers! The forms are submitted to Salesforce through the Blackthorn Events Form Submissions object. There are two related lists that can be added on the Attendee object to easily access an Attendee's answers: Form Submissions & Form Submission Answer.

  1. Add Form Submissions & Form Submission Answer to your Attendee object page layout to easily access the answers.
  2. Navigate to the Form Submissions related list, and click on the Submission you want to view or Navigate to the Form Submission Answer related list, and click on the specific answer you want to view.
  3. If a Form Submission fails to process, open the Blackthorn Events Form Submission, and click the Process button. This will reprocess the answers and submit the form properly.
  4. The following Form Element Types do not map to the "Answer" field on the Form Submission Answer object. For these data types which are not mapped to the "Answer" field, please find mappings below.
    • Date --> Answer Date
    • Number --> Answer Number
    • Multi-Select Picklist --> Answer Text Long
    • Text (30,000) --> Answer Text Long
    • Big List Group --> Form Big List Option


  1. Navigate to the Forms tab and create a new form.
  1. Click on the New Form Element button in the top right-hand corner.

  2. Once you click the New Form Element button, you'll be able to create questions.


Sorting Form Elements

Form Elements will no longer reorder themselves after their Sort Order has been set by an Admin.

NOTE: If two Questions on a Form Element have the same Sort Order position, the Question added first will be shown first.

Form Element Fields

Type = This will define what type of question you're looking to ask. There's plenty of different options here. After reading the documentation, if you would like any further clarification please reach out to our support team, we're happy to help!

Required = This field defines whether or not the question is required.

Map To (Object)(Optional) = This helps define where the attendee's answer will go. If I select Contact from this picklist, the attendee's answer will be defined on the Contact object.

Map To (Field)(Optional) = This helps define where the attendee's answer will go. If I select Contact from the Map To (Object), and the City field from the Map To (Field), the attendee's answer will be populated under Contact > City.

Enter your question to ask below: = This field will define the primary question.

Supplemental Question Information = This is a supporting field to the previous field. The text will show up below the primary question. This can include any rich text, such as hyperlinks, colors, formatting.

Default Value = Will define the default value for a picklist, text field, etc. when an attendee opens the registration form.

Default Checkbox Value = Will define the default condition for a checkbox Form Element.

Hint = This field will define the help text for the question.

Check out the following screenshots below

Conditional Questions


Once you click the New Form Element button, you'll see the Form Element page. We've already filled this section as an example.

By clicking the Conditions button in the upper right-hand corner, you'll be brought to the conditional questions page.

Conditional questions were added to give you more flexibility. As an example, this can be used if an attendee selected their meal preference as "Steak" the next question would be "What would you like as a side?"


Note: Creating a conditional question within a conditional question is not supported.

In this example, if they selected any other food, they wouldn't have the option to select a side item.


Here, we have the same question "What is your favorite sport?" Depending on how the attendee answers the question, the "What is your favorite team" question will change. If an attendee selects "Baseball" they will see baseball teams. If an attendee selects "Football" they will see football teams.

File Uploading

We have added file uploading as part of the new form element. The files can be written to anything in the Map To (Object) picklist. The file is uploaded after checkout and will be added to Salesforce Files as well as the object defined in the Map To (Object) picklist. Please keep in mind, files may take up to 5 minutes to relate to the respective record.

Currently, the supported file types are:

  • All image file formats (for example, .jpg, jpeg, .png, .gif, .svg) and
  • PDF (.pdf).


  1. Choose Type = File Upload
  2. Define the text you want the attendee to see in the "Enter your question to ask below:" section.
  3. Files that attendees upload will be added to the Files section of Salesforce. This can be added as a related list to the attendee/contact/etc. object that is defined in the "Map To Object" picklist. This will allow you to easily see the file the attendee uploaded.


Big List Group (Typeahead)

Big List Groups were added for picklists with thousands of options. Using a Big List Group, an attendee can search for the answer they'd like to select.


  1. To start, open the App Launcher and navigate to "Form Big List Groups"
  2. Click "New" in the top-right hand corner.
  3. Name your Big List Group and click "Save"
  4. We chose to use Zip Codes for this example.
  1. Next, click "New" next to "Form Big List Option"
  1. On the next page, you will see
  • Option Name - This is the value the Attendee will see when selecting an option.
  • Option Value
  1. Then click "Save"!

  2. After saving your Big List Group, you can navigate to Forms. When creating a new form element, simply click "Big List Group" to get started.

  1. Next, we can define our question on the Form Element.
  • For this example with Zip Codes, we have used "What is your Zip Code?"
  • Then define the Big List Group we created in the previous step
  1. Click "Save" and you're done!


In this example, we're using Zip Codes. Imagine if an attendee had to scroll through thousands of Zip Codes just to find where they live? Very inefficient.

Now, an attendee can simply search for their answer and click it.

We start with 4 zip codes here. For example, when I search "540" it will only show results that start with "540". All other options will be discarded.


With this you are able to add a blank space between questions, or include more information for attendees to see!


  1. Choose Type = Divider
    • Please note, if you do not initially see the 'Divider' Type, please go to Blackthorn | Events Admin> Metadata Updates> and click 'Update Picklists'.
  2. Optional: Define the text you want the attendee to see in the Additional Information to display below the divider: field.

The Supplemental Question Information field will be displayed at the bottom of the Form Element.


This is what the finished product will look similar to!

UTM Parameter

UTM parameters are simply tags you add to a URL — when your link is clicked, the tags are sent back to Google Analytics (or other) and tracked. These are stored in the attendees local storage for 30 days after clicking on the event.


  1. Choose Type = Parameter
  2. Define the text, the text entered here will be a part of the original URL.


Parameter question types will not show up in the Additional Information section. Here is an example of a URL that includes the parameter.

Notice on the end there is ?utm_param=utm_param_Value where utm_param is the text we defined in the image above. You will need to replace that text with the text in your parameter question type.

After navigating anywhere in the URL above, you will notice the ?utm_param=utm_param_Value disappears, all information will still be tracked even though it isn't visible.


The URL option allows for an attendee to enter in a URL upon registration. This field will validate the text entered is a proper URL. When written to a URL Salesforce field, this will appear as a hyperlink. When written to a text field will appear as text with no hyperlink.


  1. Choose Type = URL
  2. Define the text you want the attendee to see in the Enter your question to ask below: field.
  3. Optional: Define Supplemental Question Information, Default Value, and Hint fields


Note: When an attendee enters data into a URL field, it will be validated that the text starts with http:// or https://, and have a top-level domain (.com, .gov, .io,. etc.) identified.

Post-Registration Forms

Post-Registration Forms use AttendeeLinks to gather information. Once an attendee registers for an event or are invited to an event, they'll receive their AttendeeLink via email. Once they receive the AttendeeLink, they will be able to answer the Post-Registration questions.


  1. Define questions in a Form to use for a Post-Registration Form as described at the top of this page.
  2. Add your Form to the Form (Post-Registration) field on your event!
  3. That's all there is to it. Attendees will now see a form when they revisit their AttendeeLink.


This is what the finished product will look similar to!

Post-Event Survey

Post-Event Surveys allow for Attendees to give feedback on the Event. This uses the Post Event Questions URL field on the Attendee. If you want to setup a process to automatically send this URL, we recommend doing so in process builder or flows.


  1. Define questions in a Form to use for a Post-Event Survey as described at the top of this page.
  2. Add your Form to the Post Event Questions field on your Event, Event Item, or Attendee.
  3. Send the Post Event Questions URL to all Attendees you want to answer the Post Event Survey Questions.
  • Please note: The Post Event Questions URL is unique per Attendee and pulls from the form added to the Post Event Questions field on the Event, Event Item or Attendee.

The same applies on the Sessions level. The Post Session Questions field can be found on both the Session and Session Attendee records. The Session Attendee record also has the Post Session Question URL similar to its Event record counterpart. You can add these fields from their respective page layouts.



  • Currently, this checkout will create a separate Blackthorn Events Form Submission Record for the Attendees. If you use the same form for both Pre and Post-Registration, the answers will not update to the new values if an attendee changes their answer.

Form Preview

From your Form record, there is a button called "Form Preview" that allows you to preview your form and change the sort order of questions.

  • To change Sort Order, you can drag and drop a specific question or use the up/down arrows next to each of your questions.

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