Custom Metadata Types


Custom Metadata Types are used in Blackthorn apps to automatically install metadata records into your org and many packaged apex triggers use these records. The purpose of this documentation is a reference for these records' functions.
For example, we have a Custom Metadata Type called "Stripe Currency Setting" that stores all the Stripe currency information like the ISO code, minimum amount, supported bank accounts, etc. and is used to validate your Payment Methods and Transactions.

Custom Metadata Types

There are two Custom Metadata Type records: Stripe Connect Country Specs and Stripe Currency Setting.

  • Navigate to Custom Metadata Types.

Lightning: Setup | In the Quick Find, Search and Click: "Custom Metadata Types."

  • Click "Manage Records" next to either Custom Metadata Type.

You can update the records by clicking Edit next to the record name.

Stripe Currency Setting

Stripe Connect Country Specs


If you have received an error with your Custom Metadata Types or have a question, please view our Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions.

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