Customized Blackthorn Events Domain

Blackthorn | Events supports custom domains. Currently, we cannot take over a root domain since that has to be forwarded to our service via CNAME.

You can have a subdomain on your main domain with the event slugs, such as

For example, the event URL can look like or you can also make it look like (in this case "www" works as a subdomain)

Example of one of our customers:


Note: We will only set this up for your organization if you're already live with our product as there is significant work on our end to set this up (helps us manage internal resources).


Note: Only use one domain per Salesforce Organization

This includes Sandboxes and any secondary organizations that may be configured.

Here's what we need from you:

  • Available domain and subdomain


  1. To enter a vanity domain, complete the following steps.

    • Go to the Blackthorn | Events Admin tab.
    • Click Settings.
    • Enter your “Vanity Domain”.
  2. Submit this information to our Support Team at least 48 hours before you need to use the custom domain.

  3. We'll then provide you with CNAME and TXT endpoints which you will update in your DNS records.


If your DNS provider doesn’t allow TXT and CNAME records with the same key, this step will need to be split into two parts. First, you’ll add the TXT endpoint, and then we will generate your SSL Cert. Second, you’ll remove the TXT endpoint, add the CNAME endpoint, and we will generate your SSL Cert.

  1. We will generate your SSL Cert and enable this feature in your org. After this has been completed, please update the following objects and fields to use your customized events URL. Note: All communication and email templates should be updated to use these customize urls.
  • Event Group:

    • Create a formula text field 'Custom Event Group URL' with the following formula on the Event Group Object:
    • “domain/” & $Organization.Id & "/g/" & conference360__Key__c
  • Event Page:

    • Create a formula text field ‘Custom Event Page URL' with the following formula on the Event Object:
    • SUBSTITUTE(conference360__Event_Page_URL__c , “", "domain")
  • AttendeeLink:

    • Create a formula text field ‘Custom AttendeeLink' with the following formula on the Attendee Object:
    • SUBSTITUTE(conference360__AttendeeLink__c, “", "domain")
  1. Update your Events Domain from Setup > Security > Remote Site Settings > Events_Domain.

  2. Finally, please make sure to update the Platform Domain field located within Custom Settings > Blackthorn | Events Settings to match the Remote Site URL.

If you still have questions following the documentation please contact Blackthorn Support. We're happy to help!



What about SSL?

The reason for the way this is set up is from our Platform as a Service provider, Heroku. Heroku uses an Automated Certificate Management called Server Name Indication This replaces traditional SSL certificates, that require more setup and maintenance.

The validation mechanism Heroku uses for this type of SSL is through the existence of a CNAME record with a specific value pointing to Heroku. Removing that CNAME record detaches the SSL from the (sub)domain also. So the control is still guaranteed to be on the domain owner's side.
We still offer support for traditional Certificate Authority generated SSL certificates. Our customers can purchase their own and supply us a certificate, but this will require continued annual maintenance

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