Custom Domain
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Custom Domain

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Blackthorn | Donations supports custom domains. Currently we can not take over a root domain since that has to be forwarded to our service via CNAME. You can have a subdomain on your main domain with auto-generated hosted landing pages / donation forms, such as

Note: We will only set this up for your organization if you're already live with our product as there is significant work on our end to set this up (helps us manage internal resources).

Here is what need from you:

  • SSL certificate(s)
  • Available domain or subdomain

Domain Instructions

  1. Choose a subdomain or domain and provide this information to us (Blackthorn)
  2. Acquire an SSL certificate from any of the popular Certificate Authorities (VeriSign, DigiCert, Comodo, Thaute, etc.) for the subdomain or domain in line 1 and submit the following to us (Blackthorn):
    • SSL Certificate for the domain or subdomain
    • SSL Certificate (or bundle) for the Certificate Authority
    • RSA Private key used to generate the certificates
  3. Add a CNAME Record for the subdomain or domain from line 1 to point to:
    • <domain_name>
    • Where <domain_name> is the full domain name used in line * So if the domain name being forwarded is, then the CNAME record should point to



Google reCaptcha Repointing Instructions

  1. Go to and click on the "getRECAPTCHA" button. This will prompt you to login to your google account if not yet logged in.
  2. Select an existing or "Register a new site" and fill in the correct details to enable reCAPTCHA V2X. Below is an example of how you might set it up:
    T_05_02 custom domain 1

Clicking on register yields to a page with the following information:
T_05_02 custom domain 2

  1. Send the generated "Site key" and "Secret key" to us (Blackthorn).

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