Add sessions to an event for breakouts, presentations, discussions, or other activities.

In this document, learn how to configure sessions for participants to attend during the event.


Event Session Visibility

To show the Sessions on the event, navigate to the event setting record and update the Sessions field to "Always". Ensure that the Hide On Event Page field is unchecked on the session record.

Configure Sessions

  1. From the event record, navigate to the related sessions list and click the "New" button.
  1. Define the name of the session and session details, such as the description, image URL, location, start and end date and time.

  2. Set capacity and waitlists for sessions:

    • Define the Quantity Available field to limit the number of people that can register and attend a session.
    • The Quantity Remaining is a formula field that will automatically update. Formula: Quantity Available - Registered Session Attendees.

Sold Out
When waitlisting is not enabled and Remaining Seats = 0 the Session will be sold out.

When waitlisting (coming soon...) is enabledand Remaining Seats = 0, additional session registrants will have a "Waitlisting - Pending" status and be added to the waitlist.

The Hide On Event Page checkbox allows you to hide the session from the event's session tab, so it will become invisible to the public unless:
The session belongs to a specific track that is associated with an AttendeeLink invitation.
The session is pre-registered to an attendee in the AttendeeLink invitation.

  1. Once saved, view your newly created session on the event page


  • Not seeing your Session Tab on the Event Page? Do a hard refresh and then try again.

Featured Sessions

If you would like to bring a few featured sessions to the top of the page, then our featured session feature is just what you need!

Set Up (For Admins):

  1. Navigate to the session page layout through the object manager
  2. Add the Feature Session checkbox field to the page layout
  3. If end-users need access to this and they aren't associated to a managed Blackthorn Events permission set, please add this field to their profile/custom permission set.

Test (For Event Managers):

If you would like to feature sessions at the top of the Session tab in a carousel format, check the Featured Session checkbox field.

  • If you add multiple featured sessions, they will scroll through the featured session box every 10 seconds.
  • Example: There are 3 featured sessions added to this event. There are 2 non-featured sessions. The Featured Session 1, 2, and 3 will scroll through the top margin.

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