Configure for Attachments and Files
  • 24 Feb 2023
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Configure for Attachments and Files

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Are you interested in this extension package?

The Configure for Attachments and Files extension package is a paid add-on for Blackthorn Compliance. Please contact your Account Manager to learn more about purchasing it.

Follow the steps below to install the SecureAttachment package:

  1. Navigate to the AppExchange from your Salesforce org or go directly to Blackthorn's Candy Shop listing for Compliance.
  2. Click Get It Now on the AppExchange listing.
  3. Log into the AppExchange with your Production Salesforce credentials.
  4. Select the environment where you’d like to install SecureAttachment.
    where to install

If you are already logged into the Salesforce instance where you will be installing, you’ll be redirected to a confirmation page for the installation. Otherwise, if you are installing to a different instance of Salesforce, you will be brought to a login screen where you can enter the credentials for that environment.

  1. Leave the default profile "Install for Admins Only" selected, and click Install.
    choose a profile

  2. You’ll be prompted to Approve Third-Party Access for 2 URLs. These URLs are the endpoints in order for the OCR API to work. Make sure “Yes, grant access to these third-party web sites” is selected, and press Continue.

SecureAttachment will now be installed in your Salesforce org.

  • In most cases, this page will automatically refresh noting that the package was either successfully installed or it failed installation.
  • For orgs that have complex logic/code already applied, it may take longer for the installation process. In this case, an email will be sent to the email address associated to the user who performed the installation either confirming success or failure of the installation.
  • Check out “Installation Troubleshooting” for common installation issues.

Once installation is complete, you will see the the SecureAttachment package on the list of Salesforce Installed Packages in the Setup.
installation complete

After installation for Blackthorn Compliance is completed, you are ready to Configure SecureAttachment.