Compliance - Release 3.71

Bug Fix: EmailMessage records over the Salesforce Character Limit

When very long EmailMessages are inserted into Salesforce, they sometimes go over the standard character limit for long/rich text fields. Since PCIFY operates Before Insert by default, occasionally the following error would be generated:

CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY : pcifye2c.EmailMessageTrigger: data changed by trigger for 
field HTML Body: data value too large: (value has been hidden)

While upgrading to the latest version of PCIFY will resolve the issue, we also recommend that you request Salesforce support to increase the size limit for the EmailMessage TextBody and Case Description fields

Enhancement: SOQL No Longer Required for Accessing Custom Metadata

Due to a massive upgrade in Salesforce's Spring 21 Release, the PCIFY app no longer requires any SOQL in processing records on Insert or Update. The new feature treats Custom Metadata Types the same as Custom Settings - meaning we can access the records without needed SOQL at all.

The following error will no longer occur during large volume data loads:

System.LimitException: pcify:Too many SOQL queries: 101

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