Compliance - February 2022

  • On the Manage App tab of Blackthorn Compliance, users can click the Enable Daily Audit / Disable Daily Audit button to schedule the automated daily audit. The automated process queries all records in your org to check for the configured regex patterns.

  • IP Addresses are now supported for out-of-the-box masking on Case records. To enable this, complete the following steps.

    1. Go to Setup.
    2. Search for and click “Custom Metadata Types.”
    3. Click Manage Records next to “DetectionPattern.”
    4. You can now enable IP Addresses for matching and configure the Case fields you would like to match on.
  • The Case lookup field will be auto-populated in the Log record when the Case record is submitted with any or all of the following: SubjectDescription, and Internal Comments.

  • The Negative Detection Pattern will now prevent the masking of postal tracking codes, such as in the scenario of VISA detection patterns masking postal tracking codes. To ensure this occurs, the logic was updated to trap negative patterns first and not run matches with positive patterns.

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