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Company Info


Company Info previously known as Legal Entity

As of the Payments v4.169 release the Legal Entity object has been renamed to Company Info. Note: the API name did not change.


The Company Info is a record containing information about your individual company or companies. This record can be used to relate multiple Payment Gateways under one Entity. For example, if you have two separate Stripe accounts, both can be connected to one Company Info record. Thus ensuring the monies are separated per Stripe account but under one Entity making audits and tax information simple.

This object is also used in Blackthorn's other packages, such as Blackthorn | Payments to 'tell' the application which Entity each Sales Document is related to.

  • Navigating to Company Info.

Lightning: Click on the App Launcher | Under "All Items" | Click on Company Info.

Classic: Click on "All Tabs" ("+" icon in the top right) | Click on Company Info.

  • Click "New Company Info" (Lightning) or "New" (Classic).

With Blackthorn | Payments, enter as much or as little information as you would like in the Company Info record. This record is not referenced in any other object besides Payment Gateways.

Specific Company Info instructions for each product will be in their own documentation outside of Blackthorn | Payments coming soon.

Next Steps


If you have received an error with your Company Info record or have a question, please view our Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have Company Info questions, please contact Blackthorn Support. We're happy to help!

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Company Info

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