Check 21 Integration


iOS Only

Currently the Check21 integration is only compatible with iOS Mobile Payments.


Blackthorn supports Check21 integration by utilizing Check21 technology into the Blackthorn Mobile Payments iOS and applications. It allows you to take payments in the field via scanning in checks.

Check21, a third-party provider, will be leveraged through its API and native
Salesforce package to achieve the check and money order processing.

Package Installs

  1. Install the latest version of Blackthorn Payments and complete the setup wizard.

  2. Install the Blackthorn Mobile Payments package and assign licenses to all users that need access.

  3. Install Check 21.

  4. Install the Check 21 Integration package.

  5. Assign MCC Payology permission set to the user.


1. Custom Settings Setup:

  • Navigate to Setup->Custom Settings->CheckForce API Custom Settings ->Manage->New.
  • Enter the data as per the following table from Check21.
Check force API Custom Setting Page.Check force API Custom Setting Page.

Check force API Custom Setting Page.

2. Page Layout Updates

Update your Charge Transaction page layout to include three fields:
Transaction Sub-Type
Check Capture Submission
Mobile Skip Intro Screen

The Transaction Sub-Type will be defined as Check, Source will get defined as Mobile, and Check Capture Submission will get populated when submitting a check through the mobile app.

To use the check scanning functionality from a Mobile App:

  1. Open an existing transaction from the Salesforce app that has the Amount populated, a Check21 enabled Payment Gateway selected, and the Accepted Payment Method as 'Check'.

  2. Click the 'Mobile Pay' button at the top of the screen.

  1. You will be directed to a screen where you can scan the front and rear images of your check.
    • Note: Selecting 'Yes' from the Mobile Skip Intro Screen field on Transaction will take the user directly to the check scanning page. Otherwise you will see a screen to validate field values from the Transaction.


If Check21 is not installed in the org the user will not see the screen above.

  1. Tap on the left image to start the scanning of the front of the check. It will ask for camera permissions. You need to accept the permissions or the scan won’t be possible.

  2. Take a picture of the check. You'll notice a green rectangle appears to line up the check image. This rectangle will rotate with the screen orientation.

  3. Follow the same directions as the above step to capture the rear check image.

  4. Once you have captured both the front and rear check images, the application will upload the images to the Check21 API for image recognition.

  1. Verify the data from the images is correct and click on Pay to finish the process.

    • Note: You can edit the values detected by Check21.
  2. The user will then be directed to a success screen where they can send an emailed receipt if needed.

  1. The Transaction Status in Salesforce will be updated to 'Completed'.

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