• 13 Jul 2022
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Looking for CashNet? You've come to the right place! We officially support CashNet for Events checkout only. Let's take a look at what you'll need to configure the CashNet Payment Gateway, prepare a Salesforce org, and configure and enable the gateway.


A dedicated CashNet site connected to Blackthorn is required to configure Blackthorn Events to use CashNet for Payments. With a properly configured CashNet site, the following information is required to configure a CashNet Payment Gateway.

  • CashNet Checkout Name
  • CashNet Item Code
  • CashNet Operator Id
  • CashNet Password
Contact CashNet

Important: Before the integration with Blackthorn can be officially supported, you must contact CashNet to open a partner connection project.

Preparing your Salesforce Org for CashNet

Adding a CashNet Payment Provider

The value "CashNet" must be added to the existing Provider picklist field (bt_stripe_Provider_c) on the Payment Gateway object (bt_stripe_CashNet_c).

Adding Custom Fields to the Payment Gateway

The following fields must be added to the packaged Payment Gateway object:

  • Field Name: CashNet Checkout Name
    API Name: CashNet_Checkout_Name__c
    Data Type: Text(255)

Field Name: CashNet Item Code
API Name: CashNet_Item_Code__c
Data Type: Text(255)

Field Name: CashNet Operator Id
API Name: CashNet_Operator_Id__c
Data Type: Text(255)

Field Name: CashNet Password
API Name: CashNet_Password__c
**Data Type: **Text(255)

Enabling CashNet Payment Gateway Support

  1. Create a new Payment Gateway and set the Provider field to "CashNet".
  2. Use the CashNet Checkout Name, Item Code, Operator Id, and Password to fill in the corresponding fields in the Payment Gateway.
  3. Assign the Payment Gateway to an Event.
  4. Please reach out to Blackthorn Support to enable CashNet for your org.
  5. Re-provision the org's schema by visiting an Event Page URL and performing a "Hard Refresh".

Store Setup in CashNet

Blackthorn only supports the Checkout Store in CashNet. Please make sure to use CashNet eCheckout.

The following setting in CashNet is required for the workflow to work.


Other Helpful Information:

What Is Supported

  • Event Checkout only
  • Card Checkout Only

What Is Not Supported

  • Webhook Events
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Salesforce refunds or charges
  • PayLink / DocumentLink

How to Test

For testing purposes, create a CashNet Payment Gateway and use the following values.

Use the CashNet Payment Gateway with any Event and perform a normal (paid) checkout. You should be able to successfully complete a checkout as well as perform failing checkouts that should be handled appropriately.

Use the following test card numbers:

Card Type Number CVV
Visa 4111111111111111 125
Mastercard 5454545454545454 125
American Express 343434343434343 1250

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