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Our Technical Support plans provide the software updates and technical support you need to maintain a stable, optimized environment with minimal risk to maximize the return on your investment.


Submitting a case and support plans

Visit our Contact & Case Submission page.


Supported Versions

At this time, Blackthorn is only supporting the latest 3 versions of our product. If you have a version installed that is more than 3 versions old, please upgrade before contacting support.

Granting Blackthorn Access

Blackthorn support, at times, will need access to your Salesforce Org to troubleshoot an issue. There are two items we need you to complete for us to have access to your org:

  • Navigate to your settings.

Lightning: Click on "View Profile" (the little emoji icon in the top right) or your name | Click on "Grant Account Login Access).

Classic: Navigate to My Settings | In the Quick Find type in and click "Grant Login Access".

  • Next to, Inc. Support change access duration to 1 week.
Lightning User InterfaceLightning User Interface

Lightning User Interface

Classic User InterfaceClassic User Interface

Classic User Interface

Salesforce Org ID

  • Navigate to "Company Profile."

Lightning: Navigate to Setup (widget in the upper right-hand corner) | In the Quick Find type in and click "Company Information".

Classic: Navigate to Setup | In the Quick Find/Search type in and click "Company Information".

  • Under Organization Detail, Copy the value from the " Organization ID" field.

Next Steps

  • Navigate back to the Help and Support page.

  • Check the "Granted Access" field.

  • Enter your Salesforce Org ID.

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