Available Actions

The Virtual Terminal has the capability to capture a New Single Charge or create a New Payment Method. Users are able to select which screen they would like to use by selecting an Action value.

New Single Charge

The New Single Charge Action creates a new Transaction for the user. The New Single Charge Action has the following fields available out of the box:

Payment Gateway - Only visible if your org has more that one Payment Gateway.
Related To - Use this field to relate a Account/Contact/Lead.
Parent Object - This field is a lookup to the Transaction Parent.
Payment Method - Valid Payment Methods for the selected Payment Gateway will be available in this list.
Description - Optional
Amount - Set to the amount you would like to charge.
Currency - Picklist of available currencies.
Process Type - Capture Now, Auto-Process, or Authorize Now


Known Salesforce Issue

If, after capturing a Transaction, the Virtual Terminal component displays an error message at the bottom of the widow refresh your page. This error occurs due to a know Salesforce issue. Read more here.

New Payment Method

The New Payment Method Action gives the availability to add a new Payment Method to a related Account/Contact/Lead. Users can add either credit card or bank account details.

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