August 2021 - Version 3.32
  • 13 Jul 2022
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August 2021 - Version 3.32

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If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

Breaking Changes

  • The Form Submission Process Answer batch job has been updated. Please navigate to Blackthorn Events Admin > Scheduled Jobs > and click "Schedule Recommended Event Jobs". The code changes here are to ensure the "Attempt to de-reference a null object" error message does not appear.


Front End Enhancements

  • Searching by ZIP codes is now supported for Event Groups! When an attendee is viewing an event group, and searches a ZIP code, all events with the corresponding ZIP code will appear.
  • Events with no Start Time defined will now appear as a blank value on the Event Group listing.
  • Full-Width UI Enhancements
    • The Full-Width UI has had the background patterns removed and will now be controlled by the colors defined in Event Settings.
    • The Full-Width UI now supports Venue locations with Google Maps.
    • The Full-Width UI now supports Sessions.
    • The Full-Width UI will now redirect to the Tabbed UI checkout page.

Back End Enhancements

  • Added the Events Health Check tab to the Blackthorn Events | Admin tab. This is a very powerful and helpful troubleshooting tool!
  • Added a new permission set labeled Blackthorn | Events Community Guest Users. This will be used for authorized guest users to access the community portal. Click here to read more about our Communities documentation.

Bug fixes

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When viewing the registration page from an event's URL, the simplified Chinese translation was not appearing if selected. We've updated the UI so if the user selects Chinese (Simplified) as their language of choice, the event page including description and event items are all translated accordingly.
  • Fixed: The Display Name field on sessions will now properly override the Session Name on the front end.
  • Fixed: When an event is marked 'Sold Out, Waitlist Open', and an attendee's Registration Status = Pending, they will no longer see a "Waitlist Only" label.
  • Fixed: When an event is recurring, the related events will now appear in the "Date & Time" section of the event listing.
  • Fixed: When using CashNet, if the contact information is not filled in on checkout, it will no longer prefill as undefined in CashNet.
  • Fixed: When registering for an event that uses TouchNet, it is now possible to include free checkout types.
  • Fixed: When using the Post Event Questions URL from an Attendee Record, the url will now generate properly without flagging a 2004 error.
  • Fixed: When capacity has been reached for an Event, the out of stock message was not displaying as expected. The user will now receive a message letting them know they cannot register when the Event has reached capacity.
  • Fixed: When setting Hide Main Contact Address to "Yes" on the Event Settings, the checkout form was not displaying the expected result. Users will now be able to see that the field Phone is hidden when the setting is configured to do so.
  • Fixed: Previously the quantity fields on the Event record were overriding the quantity fields on the Event Item record on the front end, causing incorrect quantities to display. The quantity will now pull correctly from the Event Item quantity, if defined.
  • Fixed: When an attendee's Registration Status = Pending and they register for an event, previously they would be rerouted back to the registration page upon completion. This has been fixed to properly reroute to the confirmation page.
  • Fixed: The Event Item was displaying a Maximum Items Selected instead of a Sold Out message when the Event had hit max capacity and was sold out. Our sold out logic has been updated to reflect a Sold Out message when encountering this scenario.
  • Fixed: The quantity remaining count was incorrectly being displayed for Event Item with Status = "Registration ended (Public)". We've updated logic to consider expired Event Items and only show the quantity remaining count when Event registration is open.
  • Fixed: The AttendeeLink declined banner was only being displayed when an Attendee navigated back to the AttendeeLink after clicking "No". The Declined Banner will now appear automatically following clicking "No".
  • Fixed: When a ticket has reached Maxiumum Quantity Selected and Sold Out at the same time, the Sold Out message will now appear.
  • Fixed: When deleting an event, the cache will be updated and the event will be removed from the event group.
  • Fixed: Previously removing the value from the Description field on the Event Group record was causing a blank white box to appear when viewing the Event Group URL. We've updated the logic to set Event_Group__c.Description__c to null if this field does not contain plain text.
  • Fixed: When an attendee "Declines" their AttendeeLink invitation, they will now have the ability to register as any other attendee would.
  • Full-Width UI Changes
    • Fixed: When registering for an Event with UI Experience = “Full-Width”, the Redirect URL was not working. We've included a fix so that when the user sets Post Registration = "Redirect URL" & adds a value to Redirect URL they are redirected as expected after checkout.
    • Fixed: When using Full-Width UI, an Event Item is no longer required to be defined for the event page to display.
    • Fixed: When creating a session, the End Time will now appear properly.
    • Fixed: Rich Text is now supported on Speakers
  • Tabbed UI Changes
    • Fixed: While using the Tabbed UI and adding multiple Sessions to an Event, not all Sessions were being displayed. Users will now notice that all Sessions will appear when clicking the "All" tab.
    • Fixed: Rich Text is now supported on Speakers
  • Simple UI Changes
    • Fixed: When an Attendee is “Pending” and an Event was set to "Simple" UI, the attendee was prompted to “Join Waitlist” instead of “Register” when navigating to the checkout from their AttendeeLink. We've updated the logic to adjust the "Join Waitlist" button visibility.

Back End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: In some cases the currency on DocumentLink invoices was being displayed as undefined. This has been resolved by setting the default currency to USD on the Event record. Additionally, we added a custom setting named Added Enable_Currency_Required_Validation__c. When enabled this will force the user to add a currency value on an Event record. To enable this validation rule, navigate to Saleforce Setup > Custom Settings > Blackthorn | Events Settings > Manage.
  • Fixed: Attendee records, when added manually, were having the Registration Status updated to 'Waitlist - Pending'. We updated our Attendee Add To Waitlist logic so that the waitlist status is only updated if the Registration Status is 'Pending/Registered'. This was only happening when Event Status Formula = Sold Out, Waitlist Open.
  • Fixed: When cloning Forms, sort order was not being preserved for cloned form elements. We're now including sort order in the clone selector. When records are cloned the sort order will remain untouched.
  • Fixed: Users were seeing an error when using the Event Wizard, adding a paid Event Item without setting Payment Gateway on the details page, and trying to navigate to another section in the Wizard. We've updated error handling to prevent this from occurring in the future.
  • Fixed: The Deep Clone Field Set will now respect required fields.
  • Fixed: Sending emails from the Email Template Builder is now possible with the Blackthorn Events (Limited Access) permission set.
  • Fixed: Navigating to forms and questions using the Form URL and Post Event Questions not displaying the expected results. Users will now be able to click the URL for Post Event Questions and see questions from the created form.
  • Fixed: An apex error was being thrown for the FetchEmailStatsBatch job for non System Administrator users. Permissions have been updated to prevent this error in the future.
  • Fixed: When creating a recurring event and there is a field that is not in the Deep Clone Fieldset, creation of the recurring event will no longer block other fields from cloning.
  • Fixed: The Attendee Full Name field will now reference the updated conference360_First_Name2 and conference360Last_Name2_c fields.
  • Fixed: An "attempt to de-reference a null object error" when the Form Submission Process Answer Batch ran.
  • Fixed: When an attendee is registered via process builder, the registration counts will now update accordingly.
  • Fixed: When creating a new email template there was no option to cancel. Instead, the user would need to use the "back" browser navigation to return to the Event record. We've added a Cancel button for a better user experience.
  • Fixed: To prevent "unhandled errors" when using TouchNet, we've added a trigger on Payment Gateway for cache invalidation. This will allow users to complete an Event checkout after they have made updates to their Payment Gateway without needing a hard refresh.
  • Fixed: When logged in as a non system admin with either Blackthorn | Events (Admin) or Blackthorn | Events (Organizer) permission sets, the user was seeing an error message due to permissions while attempting to view an Event record. We've added the proper permissions to apex classes to prevent this error from being presented in the future.
  • Fixed: We had reports of unpublished Events displaying an "Event Active" message in the Status Formula field. We've added an additional check in the formula to consider unpublished Events.

Field/Layout Updates

The following fields are not mapped to our Events platform. To clean up the Events Salesforce package they will be deprecated:

  • conference360__Calendar_Description__c on Event
  • conference360__Calendar_Location__c on Event