Events Attended


The Events Attended summary field allows event organizers to know how many times their contacts or leads have attend their events.

This will show the total count of Attended events for that attendee when the Attendance Status field is set to Attended.


  1. Make sure you have scheduled the Blackthorn | Events Attendee Parent Rollup from the Events | Admin tab.

  2. There is a field named "Events Attended" on the Contact and Lead objects. Please add this field to your Contact and/or Lead page layouts.

  1. When an attendee record is created in Salesforce, the duplication logic will link an attendee to a related Contact or Lead.

  2. The "Events Attended" field on the Lead or Contact will populate the count of attendees which have Attendance Status = Attended.

  3. There is an Events Attended formula field on the attendee object that will also show the total count of attended events for that related contact or lead that will be reference in the future by the AttendeeLink.

For now, the rollup on Contact and Lead can be used internally. The Events Attended field on the Attendee object will be used in the future to let event organizers and attendees know how many events they have attended with the organization.

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