Attendee Registration Lightning Component

We have now brought the power of Event registration into Salesforce with our brand new registration lightning component.

If you need to register someone directly in Salesforce, you no longer need to navigate through 5+ records.

Before you had to navigate to the specific Event, click add Attendee, relate a contact, create an Invoice, and finally link the Attendee's ticket to the Invoice.

Now, you just need to use our registration component for registering. Need to cancel an Attendee's registration? You can do that simply with this component as well! Did we mention this registration component works for paid and free Events?! :balloon: :balloon:

Setting up the component

This component can be added to the Contact, Lead, Attendee, and Event lightning pages.

  1. Navigate to one of the supported object records.
  2. Click the Setup cog at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click "Edit Page".
  4. Click and drag the "Blackthorn Attendee Events" component wherever you'd like it on the page.

Registering an Attendee from the Event record

If adding the component to an Event record, you will see all the Event items populate within the component.


New Filter on the Attendee Registration Component

The new filter, called “Distance” is based upon the Contact's mailing address and the Event venue's physical address.

To use the new feature, check the Sort By Distance checkbox on the Search screen. The results will be sorted by Event Start Date/Time or Distance.

If the contact mailing address is null, the checkbox will be disabled, and the help text will display this message: “The Contact’s Mailing Address is not populated. Please exit this window, update the Contact’s mailing address, save, and reload this screen.”

If physical location is not populated for the Event Venue, results will still appear, but the message “Venue Location Missing” will be shown.

After selecting an Event item you'll be able to add an Attendee!

From here, you can either click "Submit" to register the Attendee, or add a second Attendee by clicking the "Add New Attendee" button.

Ta-da! :sparkles: Your Attendee has been created!

If you have a paid Event, you will be prompted with the "Payment" tab. If you click "Proceed To Payment" on this page, it will redirect you to the Invoice associated.

After opening the Invoice, you can then forward the DocumentLink URL to the Attendee to be paid. Once paid, the Payment Status field will updated from Unpaid to Paid and the Status field will update from Ready to Bill to Completed

There is also a Not Paid checkbox field on the Attendee object. Any time the Invoice is marked as Unpaid this checkbox will be checked. This allows the user who is registering the Attendees the ability to easily view if the Attendee has paid or not.

Cancelling an Attendee

Once a contact or lead has registered for an Event, the Event will populate in the component.

Next, click the icon below, it will cancel the Attendee from the Event.

  • The Registration Status on the Attendee will be updated to Cancelled.

It's as simple as that! Quick and easy way to remove a single Attendee from an Event.

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