Attendee Matching and Duplication Logic
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Attendee Matching and Duplication Logic

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Out of the box, we provide many options so that you have full control over what happens when an Attendee gets created in Salesforce.

Payments App

The Relationship Setting is part of the Blackthorn Payments package, the user configuring the Relationship Settings logic will need a license to the Payments application.

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.
  2. Type "Relationship Settings" and select the Relationship Settings object.

We provide a default Relationship Setting that your team can use. It's the most common setting we have seen.

matching and duplication

Salesforce Duplicate Rules

Blackthorn's Relationship Settings harness the power of the Salesforce Duplicate Rules. Unless you select the relationship rule 'No Matching or Record Creation' you will need to have an active duplicate rule for any objects you have listed in the Match Records field.

The most common setting is:

  • Relationship Rule = Create a New Record if No Match
  • Create Rule = Contact
  • Match Records = Contact.

When this is configured correctly, a registration will result in an Attendee record that is related to an existing Contact if there is a match or a new Contact if there is not match.

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