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The Attendee object is used to capture all the details of the person attending the Event.

Attendees can be related to Contacts in Salesforce. When a Contact is selected while creating an Attendee the details are auto-populated.

Registration Status

Drives the process flow. The following values have related actions:

  • To Invite: Set automatically when a Campaign member is added as Attendee

  • Invited: When set and if the packaged Workflow Rule is Active, then the Invite email is sent to Attendee.

  • Pending: Set when the Attendee is approved in a waitlist and is awaiting registration.

  • Registered: Set when the attendee registered for the event and completed the Payment if it was paid. If the Workflow Rule to send a Confirmation is Active, the confirmation email is sent.

  • Waitlisted - Pending (usually set automatically): Updating the status to Waitlisted-Pending adds the attendee to the waitlist. See our Waitlist Management doc for more info.

Attendance Status

This shows the attendance status of an attendee at an event. The following values have related actions:

  • Attended: When the attendee is checked in through the mobile app, the status will automatically update to "Attended".

  • No Show: For any registered attendees that don't show up, after the event, they will automatically be changed to 'No Show'.



The picklist field "Auto-update Attendance to No Show" on Event Settings needs to be set to "Yes" for the batch job to update the Attendance Status = No show. (You will need to add this field on the page layout). To know more about the batch job, click here.


Custom Attendance Status picklist value

If you have your own custom picklist value for the Attendance Status field on Attendee, it will get updated to "No Show" after the end date/time has passed.

  • Pending: This value can be set manually or through a custom process flow.

Primary Email

The main contact's email from the event registration.

  • The primary email has been added to all email workflows, so the main contact will receive the invite, confirmation, and reminders of all Attendee's they registered.
    main use case: executive assistants registering for employees and need to be included in all email communications.

Registration Date/Time

When an Attendee's Registration Status is updated to Registered, the Registration Date/Time value is set.

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