April 2021 - Version 3.22
  • 13 Jul 2022
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April 2021 - Version 3.22

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If you have any questions about the release note, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through our support form.

Upgrade Notice

Starting with the June 2021 release, we will require all customers to be no more than 3 versions behind the latest version. We'll start reaching out to customers in April that are more than 3 versions behind.

A few items to mention: Please Read

  • There are a few breaking changes with this release, please read the note below, so your events aren't affected.
  • If possible, please upgrade in a Sandbox before upgrading Production.
  • If you are skipping prior releases to the current version, read prior release notes as there are specific upgrade steps that need to be performed. They can be found on the left-hand side, under the "Release Notes and Webinar Recordings" section.

Breaking Changes

  • The Description field on Event Group will now work properly. If you were using the field internally as a descriptor for your event, we suggest creating a second field to manage this use-case.
  • The Redirect URL field will now automatically redirect users to the URL defined in the field upon completetion of registration.
  • Fixed several UI bugs when viewing events on mobile
    • Event Image and the Event Name will now display properly.
    • Events will appear as they are grouped for dates, in the form of "Ongoing for X date"
  • If there are multiple Event Items listed on an event, a range of prices will now display instead of listing the lowest priced Event Item. This includes a breaking change on the Event Group regarding the Data Dictionary entry LBL_FREE.
    • If you used LBL_FREE to change the Free terminology, you'll have to add in a second Data Dictionary entry for LBL_FREE_CAP. The LBL_FREE_CAP only affects the Event Group, where LBL_FREE affects anything on the Event Page.
      • LBL_FREE = Event Listing - Any free terminology on the event overview/cart/checkout pages
      • LBL_FREE_CAP = Event Group - Free events only
    • If your Event had multiple Event Items, where the cheapest Event Item was Free, you will now need to use the LBL_STARTS_AT_FREE instead of LBL_FREE
      • LBL_STARTS_AT_FREE = Event Group - Free and paid events
  • While using the calendar view for Event Groups, users experienced dates being displayed with the "TH" being cut off in mobile. We've updated the UI date format to keep it consistent with other templates.
    • Example: April 5th will now read April 5.


  • We now support TouchNet for customers with a TouchNet account! Head over to our documentation for information on how to set it up!


Front End Enhancements

  • When the Waitlist Capacity field is set to null on an Event Item, there will now be an unlimited waitlisting capacity.
  • When there are no events listed in an Event Group, an error message saying There are no upcoming events will now display instead of There is no available content at the moment, please come back later.
  • When clicking on a date in the Calendar Event Group view, it will now only show events scheduled on that specific date.
  • When the Favicon Url field on Event Settings is populated with a valid favicon url, the user will notice their custom favicon is displayed on the Event browser tab.

Back End Enhancements

  • The Publish button will now control if your event is visible to attendees or not.
    • Publish = True > Event is visible
    • Publish = False > Event is not visible
  • Added a new lightning component called BT Events Publish that allows easy control of publishing and updating any changes made to your event.
  • Added a Process button to the Form Submissions object to easily reprocess any forms that may have failed or resulted in error when submitting.
  • The Event Wizard has seen MANY small improvements, here's a few:
    • Added some groovy theme music.
    • Added a back arrow.
    • When using the Event Wizard to add Attendees, a message has been added to identify when the search query is complete.
    • Adding and updating Help Text where appropriate.
    • Added Save & Publish and Save & Publish Later options.
    • When adding a Webinar Account to the Event Wizard, the Webinar/Meeting URL field will now automatically populate with a URL.
    • Added the ability to add Forms and Form Elements to the Event Wizard.
  • Added a new component labeled BT Event Email Config with three new lookup fields for standard users to search and apply which email templates fire when an attendee registers for an event, is added to the waitlist, or is removed from the waitlist. Read more about it here.
  • When using the Generate and Cancel buttons while creating a Recurring Event, there will now be a successful toast message that appears.
  • Added a new out of the box report labeled Form Submission Answers to easily view an attendee's name, and their answers!
  • Added the ability to change the language when viewing events in a community.

Bug Fixes

Front End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: When adding a Description to an Event Group, it will now appear on the Event Group URL page.
  • Fixed: When an attendee is choosing a country from the Phone picklist, the all number values and flags are now correct.
  • Fixed: When using the Ash (Simple) UI, previously attendees were unable to select which State they lived in, as it wasn't appearing on the registration form.
  • Fixed: The Language Selector from Data Dictionary / Translations will now appear in the Ash (Simple) UI.
  • Fixed: When setting Data Dictionary values for Post Event Surveys, it will now apply the Data Dictionary values properly.
  • Fixed: When using Data Dictionary / Translations and selecting languages that Blackthorn does not currently support, it would previously throw a 2006 error. Now if a language is chosen that we do not support, the event will default to English.
  • Fixed: When an attendee is registering for an event as a Person Account in a Community or SSO situation, the email field will now be populated properly.
  • Fixed: When adding Event Items to an Event, the Event Group would show the latest added Event Item as the price for the Event.
    • Example: I have a free Event Item on my Event, I add a second Event Item Priced at $100. In the Event Group, $100 would appear instead of Free to $100.
  • Fixed: When the Divider Form Element is set to Required, it will no longer block the event registration.
  • Fixed: The Redirect URL field on Events will now properly redirect once an attendee completes their registration.
  • Fixed: The Cancel Registration button disappearing from an attendee's AttendeeLink.
  • Fixed: When using the Redwood (Full-Width) UI, it will now display the timezone for the event.
  • Fixed: When using the Redwood (Full-Width) UI, it will now display the date in the correct format for events with the German language selected.
  • Fixed: When creating Full and Partial Sandboxes, the Event URL will now automatically update accordingly to the new Org ID.

Back End Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Event cloning would previously throw an error when using the following fields: Attendee Count Last Updated and Cancel Before Time.
  • Fixed: When cloning an event from the event wizard, it would previously populate the record ID as the event name.
  • Fixed: When using Big List Groups, the Record ID will no longer be populated. Instead the Option Value will populated when mapping an answer to an attendee, contact, lead, or account.
  • Fixed: Campaign And Event Sync was sporadically failing. This has been switched to an asynchronous process to resolve any further issues. It may take a few extra moments for data to populate.
  • Fixed: When a user does not have access to the Lead object, they will now be able to create Attendees through Campaign And Event Sync.
  • Fixed: When sending Mass Mail Jobs, you will no longer receive a link to an empty record.
  • Fixed: Users reported seeing error messages when attempting to send Event Wizard feedback. We have updated our error message for this feature to include instructions on settings that may need adjusting. This will ensure all feedback is sent accordingly.
  • Fixed: There were instances where Form Submission Answers were failing. If a Form Submission had multiple related records this meant none of the fields were being mapped. The logic has been updated so that the queueable process is able to process all of the records that do not fail and skip those that do fail.

New Fields/Layouts

We recommend manually adding these fields to their respective object page layout.

  • Added URL picklist value to the list of Forms / Form Elements types.
  • Add a picklist field labeled Type to the Form object.
  • Added a Formula(Text) field labeled Type to Form Submission.
  • Added a Lookup(Email Template) field labeled Confirmation Email to the Event object.
  • Added a Lookup(Email Template) field labeled Waitlisted Email to the Event object.
  • Added a Lookup(Email Template) field labeled Waitlist-Pending Email to the Event object.
  • Added a Formula(Text) field labeled Event to the Form Submission Answer object.
  • Added a Formula(Text) field labeled Attendee Full Name to the Form Submission Answer object.