Anonymous Checkout

You can check out Attendees without the need for defining any information (name, email address, etc.) for each Attendee through our guest checkout process!

Example use cases: I am a student registering for a campus event, the event organizer doesn't require attendee information, but simply needs an idea of how many attendees will show up to the event.


  1. Create an Event.
  2. Create a new Event Item.
  3. Set Type = "Main Event Ticket".
  4. Mark all fields as Hide.
  5. Done!

Anonymous Checkout

  1. Navigate to Event Page.

  2. Select the tickets to purchase. An Attendee may register for an Event with paid Event Items, Free Event Items, or when the Pay Later option is available.

  1. Once an Attendee completes registration, an Attendee record will be made in Salesforce. This record will have no contact information for the Attendee.

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