Andesite - March 2022
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Andesite - March 2022

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To simplify the installation and upgrade process, Blackthorn has adopted Salesforce’s managed package installer which will automatically install the Base Package and any package dependencies.

The Base Package is an integral part of the new process. It runs behind the scene and acts as a container for components that are shared between Blackthorn’s different apps. The great news is that you don’t need to do anything to get it up and running.

Base Package

Please review the following to learn how the Base Package will impact the Blackthorn experience.

  • If a user wants to install Payments and the Base Package hasn’t been installed yet, the Base Package will be installed first. The newest version of Payments will be installed next.
  • If a user wants to install Events and the Base Package hasn’t been installed yet, the Base Package will be installed first, then Payments, and lastly Events.
  • A new user’s license will automatically be applied when the license is authenticated through OAuth during the installation of Payments and Events. This step will streamline the installation process.
  • The objects/tabs in Blackthorn's apps have been updated so a unique icon represents each app.
  • The component logos and labels in the Lightning App Builder have been updated to include the new Blackthorn logo and labeling convention.
  • A Refer A Friend button has been added to the following admin pages/wizards. The respective admin can click the Refer A Friend button to share a friend's name and email address with Blackthorn.
    • Blackthorn | Payments Admin tab
    • Blackthorn | Events Admin tab
    • Blackthorn | Donations Admin tab
    • Blackthorn | Compliance Admin tab
    • Blackthorn | Payments Setup Wizard tab

Static Translations (Beta)

Please Read

Static Translations (Beta) is currently feature flagged. In order to use it, you must contact Blackthorn Support with your Org ID to have it turned on.

  • The Base Package includes the Translation object and Language field, where users can choose a language from a picklist to translate their text into.
  • Two new Permission Sets that grant access to the Translation object are now available.
    • Label Name: Blackthorn | Base (Admin) - Full permissions to all Base Package objects and functionality
    • Label Name: Blackthorn | Base (User) - Create, Read, Edit, and Delete but not Modify All on select Base Package objects and fields

If you have any questions about this or need help with testing, please don't hesitate to reach out to Blackthorn Support.