Account Subscription Data

See all of an Account's subscription and revenue data from fields on the Account.

Let's find out how the metrics are evaluated!

They are divided into mainly two sets of fields ~

  1. Upcoming ARR/MRR/QRR -This field indicates the total upcoming amounts of annual/monthly/quarterly recurring subscription invoices. It gets populated only when there is an upcoming Invoice in Stripe.

  2. Last Finalized ARR/MRR/QRR - This indicates the total finalized or paid amounts of annual/monthly/quarterly billing subscription invoices. It gets populated when the Account's subscription has a Paid Invoice.

All the above metrics rollup from the Account's related Subscriptions where Status = Active. If Status = Canceled, the Upcoming MRR/ARR/QRR is set to 0. The rollup is triggered from the Subscription Item and Invoice.

Note: The subscription rollups only calculate correctly where the pricing is per-unit (vs usage-based billing).

  1. Historical Account Value rolls up from the Account's related Transactions.

Account Subscription Status

When an account has a subscription associated with it, we are showcasing the Subscription Status at account level using the "Subscription Status" field. This field will be auto-populated.

For more than one subscription, this field will update to "See Subscriptions". (Please add the field onto the page layout)

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