11/24/17 Blackthorn | Donations


  • Blackthorn Donation Forms will be down from Sunday, November 26th at 8PM EST to Monday, November 27th at 4AM EST for scheduled maintenance and platform upgrades
  • Pricing & support have changed
  • New features coming next Tuesday live on the AppExchange for upgrade

New Pricing & Support

We decided to change our pricing model due to a mix of factors: change of priorities with our other applications, demand and unanticipated up-front support cost for Donations due to a less technical background of our prospecting customer base.

New Pricing (effective today for new customers): No transaction fees (only Stripe's), only a base fee per org: $1,990/month (paid annually).

Existing customers live on our product will be grandfathered in until January 1, 2019 with their current pricing structure, at which time the new pricing structure will apply. An existing customer is defined as prior to today:

  1. Installed our app prior to today in a production environment
  2. Connected a live Stripe account
  3. Had the donation form live on a website
  4. Processed at least 1 (non-test) donation through the form

We'll be more strictly following our SLA going forward. We’ll provide email-only support within a three business day case-start window as part of our included support to all customers on our platform, as initiated from support+donations@blackthorn.io. If you require an escalated support SLA and/or phone support, we have paid options available.

Whats New?

One-Click Donations

  • Send mass emails to your existing donors to donate with a single click. Our smart donation form is pre-filled with their stored payment method, amount, and frequency. Donors only need to verify basic information to complete their donation with just a click.
  • Populates Amount and Frequency from Default One-Click Donation Form
  • Populates Contact’s Default Payment Method into the Donation Form
    • Use case: Customer clicks “Donate” within their email. The custom link will pull in their payment information that is stored in Salesforce and the customer verifies the payment method with the zip code on file. No need to re-enter payment method information when the donor has already given to your organization.
  • Custom Donation Link
    • Use case: You want to create multiple “Donate $X Now” buttons within one email campaign. You would utilize our custom donation link and predefine each amount per Donation Amount that relates back to the same Donation Form.
  • One-Click Donation asking for Donor’s average gift amount
    • Use case: Say you want to take asking for Donations one step further?! Now you can by asking your Donors to give their average Donation amount instead of a standard amount. Merge the Contact’s average amount field into our custom donation link, personalizing your donation campaigns even more!
  • Utilize third party email campaign products, like MailChimp


Amount Breakdown Fields

Use Case: Customers now have visibility into the breakdown of the donation amount. Donors can designate part or all of their donation amount minus the processing fee amount for a certain fund within GAU Allocations.

Manually place these fields on your Transaction, Opportunity, and Recurring Donation Layout after upgrading package.

“Created by BT Donations” checkbox field on Contact and Account Object

Use Case: This checkbox field is checked automatically when a Contact or Account record is created through Blackthorn | Donations. This feature was added to allow for detailed reporting.

Manually place this field on your Contact and Account Layout after upgrading package.

Mapped Form Question Validation Rule

Use Case: This Validation Rule was created to verify the mapped form question field was entered correctly.

Bug Fixes

  • Invalid Data Error while editing Payment Record
  • Revised Donation Setup Wizard
  • Terminal creating ‘divide by’ recurring donations when ‘multiply’ is selected



Invalid Data Error on Payment record when edited


Amount Breakdown Fields for GAU Allocation


"Created by BT Donations" checkbox field on the Contact and Account Object.


Validation Rule to verify mapped Form Questions.